The history of Senscape can be traced back to one moment in time: October 31, 2003, when Scratches was announced. This quaint horror game inspired by Hammer Film classics and a good dose of H.P. Lovecraft would become a cult favorite in the adventure genre.

Following the demise of its developer Nucleosys, Agustín Cordes, director of Scratches, delved into the shadowier recesses of the Earth (well, mostly Latin America) to assemble a strike team of amazingly talented artists.

Nowadays Senscape keeps specializing in horror gaming, while venturing in areas such as Virtual Production. At the core of everything we do is Unreal Engine, which we love and know by heart. Our artists pay special attention to marrying established filmmaking techniques with video game development.

The cinematic execution and attention to detail in that curious adventure that fans cherised almost 20 years ago lives on.